Examples of How People Use Insight Resources

Earning Supplementary Income

“I’m a stay-at-home mom who has been involved in a long string of home-based businesses. Both me, and my circle of acquaintance, have become bored with my attempts to sell health supplements, cooking supplies, cosmetics, and a bunch of other things. We’re also tired of get-rich-quick, multi-level marketing schemes where you have spend a lot of money up front or buy lots of inventory. Now I’m selling Insight products—especially the new Insight Personality System package—and both me and my prospects are happier. Not only do I get a piece of the action from anything they buy for life, but I don’t have to carry any inventory or perform a dog and pony show. I just tell the Nexus Quest story, ask some questions, and the product basically sells itself. Besides, I’m selling something that not only enhances relationships but also helps other people make money too. Now my friends actually look forward to my invitations!”

Increasing Sales

“I’m a car dealer with about a dozen salespeople. Before we learned about Insight, our sales were pretty flat. But thanks to their customized testing system, our sales have skyrocketed! Here’s the secret to our success. We assess every single person who comes into the showroom. Before the prospect meets with a salesperson, we invite them to complete one of Insight’s online personality tests using an iPad. When they’re done, the results are immediately emailed to the sales manager who assigns a salesperson who specializes in dealing with that particular type of person. The salesperson then goes out, meets the individual, and delivers a pitch that matches the buyer’s preferences. Again, our sales are dramatically higher than they were before. And it is all due to this new program. Thanks, Insight!”

Enhancing Client Satisfaction

“I’m a doctor at a family practice medical office. I learned about colors from a friend and immediately saw how this system could help not only our staff get along better, but also improve our patient care. When a new patient sits in the waiting room filling out forms, one of the forms we give them is a simplified temperament survey that we got from Insight. On the survey it says this is an optional activity, but if they turn it in they’ll get a free gift. The gift is an introductory booklet about the Insight Personality System. We then record their color spectrum on their file jacket where the doctors, nurses, assistants, and receptionists can see what color of person they are dealing with. This makes all the difference in the world, especially as we adjust our communications to reflect the patient’s preferences. Now everyone has a much better experience in our office. It has been an indispensable tool.”

Screening Prospective Employees

“I’m a HR manager at a medium-sized technology firm. Over the years we’ve used different preference-testing instruments prior to hiring to help assess a potential employee’s natural talents and capabilities, as well as their compatibility with existing team members. The MBTI, DISC, and NEO tests come to mind. But the tool I now prefer to use is the Insight Personality System. I really appreciate the simplicity and accuracy of the device. Besides, it is one of the most affordable and customizable profiling tools on the market today. It has made a difference in helping us place the right individual in precisely the right position.”

Providing Discipline to Problematic Employees

“As a business owner, I’m always looking for affordable and effective ways to improve morale and cooperation with my employees. I was initially attracted to Insight because of their personality metaphor. But no matter what we did, there were always a small number of employees who remained angry and defiant. Unfortunately they were also so competent that we couldn’t fire them. So we used Insight’s Anger Management program to “fix” them. We required everyone on the problematic teams to take part in the program for two hours a week. At the end of eight weeks we saw so much improvement that we didn’t bother finishing the curriculum. As a result, our productivity and on-the-job satisfaction is at an all time high.”

Building Customized Seminars

“I’m a freelance independent business trainer. Basically someone comes to me and I try to help them solve their problems by providing a seminar or a workshop. If I don’t have the right tool in my toolbox, I always go to the Insight Skills Library on the Insight website for ready-to-use learning activities. I pick a couple of activities, make a few tweaks to make it just right for my client, and away we go. It has cut my development time way back which has made my business far more profitable.”

Teaching Criminal Offenders

“I work as an educator in a state penal institution. My job is to try to teach the offenders some essential life skills that will help them become more law-abiding when they get released. Not an easy task, as you can imagine. But with the Insight Cognitive Skills curriculum, we’re finally able to start teaching these extremely difficult-to-teach learners in ways that are meaningful to them. Basically we are teaching Gold, Blue, and Green skills to Oranges in Orange ways. While we’re only a few months into the program, so far we’ve seen a lot more participation from the learners, who seem to finally understand who they are, what they prefer, and how to get what they want in socially-acceptable ways.”

Counseling Families

“I am a psychologist who works with troubled couples and families. I have a battery of assessments that I use regularly with my clients, but the one I always go to first is the Insight Personality System. It not only helps people understand themselves better, but it also helps them understand and appreciate the differences in other people. Understanding why people do the things they do alleviates a significant amount of emotional grief. It is such a time saver—both for me and my clients. They’re able to reach their goals much faster than they could without it. It appears to be a valid and reliable resource.”

Fulfilling Continuing Education Requirements

“I work at one of the world’s largest accounting firms. In order to maintain my status as a CPA, each year I have to take part in a number of continuing professional education courses to earn 40 in-seat hours. If the subject of the course has anything to do with people or with numbers then it meets our requirements. Last year I completed the Discovering Your Personality Spectrum online course. It was by far the most enjoyable eight hours of training I’ve ever received and has had a considerable impact on my relationships with clients and coworkers. It may have even saved my marriage. I’m looking forward to taking additional Insight courses in the future.”

Attracting Attention at Conventions

“I work for a company that sells educational software to homeschoolers and am assigned to attend a number of conferences and conventions every year. At the last event, I made a sign for my booth that said, Are You Teaching the Way Your Child Needs to Learn? Then, when someone would ask what that meant, I would hand them a copy of the adult version of the Insight Discovery Cards and have them choose the one that was most like them. Then I handed them a copy of the child version of the cards and asked them to choose the one that was most like their kid. And if the two didn’t match, I said that they may need to make a change. I then pointed out the software that was best suited for their child’s learning style. It was a terrific hook that attracted a lot of prospects. If they wanted to know more about colors, then I gave them my referral link on the InsightLearning.com website. Now I earn a commission from Insight even if the prospect doesn’t buy my software. Talk about a win-win scenario!”

Supplementing Religious Instruction

“I’m a pastor at my local church. Part of my duties include teaching Sunday School lessons to our teenagers. When I heard about Insight’s focus on acquiring virtue and developing character, I knew I had found the right partner. With hundreds of engaging activities at my fingertips, I’m never at a loss of what to teach. And the kids absolutely love the interactivity!”

Providing In-service Training to Teachers

“I’m a school board member. Our state laws mandate that our teachers continually update their education for renewal of teaching certificates, for pay increases, and to improve their professional capabilities. To help our teachers meet this requirement, we bought each of them a teacher-level subscription to InsightLearning.com. By accessing the videos and online courses from their website, most teachers were able to work in our required 24 hours of in-service training within a couple of month. But that’s not all. The teachers were also able to use the website to colorize their students and then with that information, find lesson plans (or develop their own) that catered to the different learning styles. This has been—and looks like it will be in the future—an extremely worthwhile investment.”

Counseling Students on Careers

“As a guidance counselor, I use the Insight Custom Testing Portal to assess the colors of each of my students and then generate a customized 20-page report that identifies their strengths as a worker, the contributions they are likely to make on a team, and the jobs or careers that will appeal to them. I also make a note of the student’s colors in their school record, which is seen by their teachers and coaches. I also help the student learn to appreciate the different teaching styles and leadership styles they’ll have to endure on their road to employment.”

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