Additional Online Resources

You have been exposed to the tip of the resouce iceberg that is available online. There are many additional features you will want to check out as you have more time. For example:

Help Desk. Over the years, hundreds of people have asked questions on how to apply the Insight Personality System to their specific situations. These are answered in this section. You can also submit your own questions which will be answered by our experts within 48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions. Here are the responses to some popular questions. Discover why you need to understand personality styles, and why you should use Insight's products, why we used colors, why we don't focus on negative characteristics, how this tool reduces prejudice, etc.

Directories. If you want to talk to an Insight employee, business partner, or an independent consultant who has been trained how to teach Insight courses, then visit the Directories section. If you want to be listed here as well, give us a call and we’ll create a listing for you.

Forms. All of Insight’s corporate forms are available here for download, such as workshop registration forms, blank participant certificates, order forms, and agreements.

Business Guide. If you’re new to working for yourself, and would like some ideas on how to set up your business and market Insight products and services, then view the Business Guide for practical instructions and information.

Training Supplements. Here you’ll find some of the information that is referenced in our live training seminars, like the transcript to Dead Poet’s Society, written instructions on how to juggle, and Aristotle’s Poetics.

Insights Archives. The corporate blog of the Insight Learning Foundation is called Insights, and is housed at GainingInsight.com. This section contains an archive of all of the past issues which you are free to browse at your leisure.

Desktop Wallpaper. If you like to collect wallpaper for your computer’s background, this section contains a few Blue, Gold, Green, and Orange images to download.

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