Customized Books

If you want to help people discover their personality styles and then teach them how to apply this information to solve their problems and enhance their lives, then Insight has a number of standard products and services in the Bookstore section that will help you achieve this goal.

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For example, the Insight Personality Instrument Test Booklet is an information-packed 28-page booklet which introduces people to personality theory, reveals their color spectrum, and explains how to apply this information to enhance their relationships, communicate more effective, reduce stress and conflict, magnify personal strengths, and successfully motivate others.

If you’re an Insight Facilitator teaching our popular Discovering Your Personality Spectrum course, then you’re familiar with the 32-page DYPS Participant Workbook which uses the Insight Spectrum Survey to identify an individual’s color spectrum.

While these pen-and-paper personality assessments and informational booklets do a terrific job, many of our Associates prefer to use our Customized Book service, also found in the Bookstore, to create and order personalized resources.

With this service, you’re able to name the book whatever you’d like to call it and add your name, logo, and contact information on the front and back covers. Then you may choose to include one of our colors-based personality tests, such as the original Insight Personality Instrument or the shorter Insight Spectrum Survey. Then you can fill out the remainder of the book with informative content from our collection of hundreds of pages on topics such as values, motivation, communication, work, supervision, recreation, stress, childhood, youth, education, and love. Furthermore, if you have your own content that you would like to include in this booklet, send us the artwork and we’ll be happy to print it for you.


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