Academic Lesson Plans

If you’ve completed Insight’s Teaching in the Nexus course, you’ve learned about our HIPA* lesson plan model and how it helps teachers design lessons that appeal to all learning styles. If you’re a teacher and want to see some real-life examples that follow this model, then we invite you explore the Academic Lesson Plans section of the Library.

Check it Out!

Here you’ll find lesson plans on topics such as painting, ceramics, drawing, sculpture, spelling, vocabulary, reading, phonics, writing, literature, foreign, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, trigonometry, measurements, music, choir, band, orchestra, instrumental, composing, conducting, dance, theatre, film, video, earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, technology, history, archaeology, geography, government, sociology, and psychology.

This section is designed to present a constantly expanding collection of learning activities for learners of all ages. Therefore, if you’ve written some effective lessons that follow the HIPA model, we invite you to submit them to us for inclusion on our site. Plus, if your lesson is accepted for sharing, we’ll give you a valuable bonus!

*HIPA is an acronym which represents the four structural elements of effective lessons: Hook, Instruct, Practice, and Assess. If teachers build on this structure, and randomly vary the elements to appeal to different personality styles, students are more likely to learn in ways that accommodate their learning preferences. This in turn will increase their likelihood of success and satisfaction in the classroom while elevating individual achievement and test scores.


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