How to Deal with Difficult Learners

Another excellent resource in the Media Room is the How to Deal with Difficult Learners video. This three-hour training program will teach you how to assess the learning styles of your students and use that information as you interact with them and design effective learning activities. It will also help you cope with the common frustrations and challenges teachers face as they work with at-risk and nontraditional learners—of any age.

Check it Out!

We’ve packed as much information as we could into this program. It will introduce you to 26 of our innovative educational philosophies and training technologies that are normally presented in our live training programs. George D. Nelson, an award-winning professor of theatre and secondary education, presents proven, practical teaching strategies that work with all types of learners—particularly those who are highly at-risk.

We’ll teach you the essential ingredients that go into developing and implementing a successful educational program—solutions you can use in nearly every teaching or training situation to help learners reach their full potential and put their newly acquired skills and knowledge to work right away.

This product is ideal for in-service faculty training sessions. To help you learn the concepts, you can download the 63-page Difficult Learners Training Manual that supplements much of the information in the program.


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