Understanding Personality Styles

In the Media Room section, you’ll find Understanding Personality Styles: A Key to Effective Teaching. This is a 10-episode video training program designed to help educators become more effective in their classrooms. Five hours of video simplify years of research on teaching and learning styles and show how this information can be used with students of all ages.

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Originally produced for a subsidiary of Paramount Pictures and subsequently broadcast over public television, the series was created for teachers, school administrators, counselors, and trainers. It is also ideal for the vast audience of non-professional educators who work to teach other people on a regular basis, such as tutors, homeschoolers, coaches, religious teachers, mentors, and youth leaders.

In fact, this program will help any individual who wants to learn how to be a more effective educator or communicator. Even though the series focuses on teaching elementary, middle and high school students, the ideas taught are applicable to learners of any age.

Reference will be made throughout the videos to content from the Video Guidebook. This 63-page PDF document summarizes each program segment and offers suggestions for training and application. Like all resources on this website, Insight associates may print out the book for their own use, however they may not allow non-associates to use it without violating Insight copyrights.


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