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In the Library section, you’ll find the Skills Library—an exceedingly valuable resource for teachers, parents, and professional trainers. It features 1,828 original group activities that teach a variety of cognitive, employment, family, personal, and social skills to youth and adults. The activities appeal to all personality styles, especially non-traditional learners.

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These “life-enrichment” skills have been identified by social scientists, psychologists, educators, business owners, religious leaders, and government officials as skills that help people become more successful at home, at school, and in the workplace.

The materials are easily integrated into existing educational programs. Simply choose from 638 hours worth of learning activities and identify those that are most suitable for your audience. Follow the step-by step instructions and if learners have not mastered the skill after participating in the activities, go back and choose additional exercises until competency is demonstrated.

All of these activities are yours to use, free-of-charge, as long as you maintain a membership to InsightLearning.com.

The 68 Skills: Anger Control, Flexibility, Goal Setting, Integrity, Moral Reasoning, Optimism, Personal Responsibility, Resource Management, Self Concept, Self Management, Stress Management, Time Management, Building Friendships, Conflict Resolution, Confrontation, Conversation, Diversity, Empathy, Etiquette, Following Leaders, Giving Instructions, Group Membership, Leadership, Negotiation, Persuasion, Serving Others, Showing Gratitude, Sociability, Teamwork, Creative Thinking, Decision Making, Listening, Logical Fallacies, Logical Reasoning, Perception, Problem Solving, Remembering, Student Dilemmas, Studying, Test Taking, Job Preparation, Job Hunting, Interview Preparation, Interview Communication, Interview Follow-Up, Job Retention, Work Relationships, Customer Service, Handling Complaints, Effective Sellers, Selling Strategies, Management, Self-Employment, Courtship, Discipline, Divorce, Emergency Preparedness, Finances, Health, Home Organization, Home Safety, Housework, Love, Marital Conflict, Marriage, Nutrition, Parenting, Sexual Intimacy


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