Teaching in the Nexus

Another course you’ll find in the Classroom section is Teaching in the Nexus: Insights on Education. This 8-hour self-study course explains how each personality type approaches the educational process and how to make adjustments to accommodate all learning styles.

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Designed for professional teachers, trainers, counselors, administrators, coaches, and parents, this course builds on the foundation established by the Discovering Your Personality Spectrum course. You will learn how to effectively instruct at-risk and underperforming students who are genuinely difficult to instruct, and you will discover how to effectively manage your classrooms, discipline students, reduce misbehavior, and enhance learning potential.

The course features 42 media-rich segments, including more than two hours of clips from a major motion picture. The course content is designed to engage independent learners with a combination of audio instruction, visual aides, and interactivity.

After completing all course segments, if you would like to earn 0.8 continuing education units or fulfill in-service training requirements, then you may complete an additional writing assignment in return for a certificate of completion. There is no additional charge for this service.

Lesson titles: How to Engage Learners, Will They Be Understood, Insights on Education, Understanding Education, Colors of Teachers, Learning Styles, Teaching Styles, Style Shifting, Thoughts on Education, Learning Strategies, Bumper Stickers, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Dale’s Cone, Locus of Control, Brain Dominance, Pendulum Principle, Gustav Freytag, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Educational Model, Dead Poets Society, Optical Illusions, Teaching to Groups, Curriculum Design, Famous Failures, Attention Deficit, Self-Image, Conflict Management, The Dunn Model, Narcotherapy, Ambiguous Art, Rebus Revenge, References.


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