Discovering Your Personality Spectrum

Insight facilitators regularly deliver on-site training to thousands of people all around the world. However, recognizing that many organizations and individuals cannot afford the time or the money to bring in an expert for a couple of days, we decided to place a version of these training programs in the Classroom section on our website. While not as engaging or as dynamic as our live presentations, we believe this online solution is a very attractive alternative for many people, plus it is available when and where you need it.

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Our most popular course is Discovering Your Personality Spectrum: Understanding Your Values. This 8-hour program introduces you to the essential concepts of temperament theory and personality styles. It is a prerequisite to all other Insight educational courses.

Using thousands of slides, dozens of engaging activities, and hours of music and narration, you’ll systematically learn the basic values and strengths of each color and how this information can help you in your day-to-day relationships.

Lesson titles: Standing Naked in the Shower, Paradigm Shifting, Puzzling Perspectives, Wacky Rebuses, Know Thyself, First Things First, Discovering Your Colors, Insight Spectrum Survey, The Four Temperaments, Spectrum Shapes, Spectrum Analysis, Poster Power, Color Characteristics, Your Colorful Brain, Brain Game, Identifying Values, Population Statistics, Personality Theories, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, David Keirsey, Comparing and Contrasting Colors, Similarities, Learning the ABC’s, Celebrity Colors, Quotation Quiz, What Color Are They, The Ten Commandments of Colors, Post Assessment.


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