Standing Naked in the Shower

After you have discovered your own personality style, next you need to learn how to use this information to enhance your life. Within the Library section at InsightLearning.com, you’ll find the full text of our definitive book on human temperament, Standing Naked in the Shower: Life-Enriching Insights That Expose Human Nature.

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This comprehensive book will teach you how to understand anyone in the world, motivate reluctant people, communicate with power, succeed in your occupation, strengthen leadership abilities, reduce stress and conflict, parent complicated children, guide troublesome teenagers, teach difficult learners, and create sensational interpersonal relationships.

Written by Nathan Bryce, the author of the Insight Personality System™, this book serves as the foundation for all Insight products and services. In language that’s easy-to-read and simple-to-understand, he describes human personality in precise detail and offers practical insights on applying this information in real-life settings.

Richard Paul Evans, the best-selling author of The Christmas Box, said, “Standing Naked in the Shower is filled with life-changing insights on the human family. It has opened my eyes as to why people are the way they are and why they do the things they do. It has enhanced my personal and professional relationships because I can now interact and connect with different personality types in ways that are important to them—using language they understand and appreciate. A truly remarkable, meaningful book!”


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