The Testing Center

The heart of the InsightLearning.com website is the Testing Center, where members of your household can discover their unique personality styles. It features a number of accurate and reliable assessment devices based on the Insight Personality System™:

Some of the assessments produce a 10-page in-depth report which features an overview of your temperament, key characteristics, and how your personality affects your values, motives, communications, and leadership. It also reveals what you were like growing up, the qualities you bring to a romantic relationship, things that cause stress, and your strengths as a worker and team member. It also describes your preferred occupations, your buying and selling style, and provides a list of television and movies characters who share your personality.

Furthermore, you have the ability to administer these tests to people who are not a part of your family. For as little as $3.00 per test, you can use our Customized Testing Portal to create a special link where others may complete whichever assessment you choose. Plus, you can have the website email them a customized report with hand-picked content from hundreds of available pages.


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