Why Insight Was Founded

BulletThe Mission

The Insight Learning Foundation seeks to be a valuable resource for innovative tools, techniques, and training programs that help youth and adults — regardless of background or learning style — learn the skills they need to succeed in life.

BulletThe Problem

Did you know that 50-80% of our youth will be referred to the criminal justice system between their 8th and 17th birthdays? This sounds incredible, but that is what state statistics are revealing. Recent research also finds that teachers can predict which students will run into trouble-first grade teachers can predict with 60% accuracy and fifth grade teachers with 80% accuracy.

If this problem isn't solved, what is going to happen to the future of our society? How do we help our children exchange their negative behaviors for positive ones? How do we communicate our values and attitudes in a way they understand and appreciate? How do we turn the trend from a dysfunctional to a functional society?

It wasn't too many years ago that raising children used to be a group effort. You could depend on your neighbors to help watch over your children and inform you if they misbehaved. Children were free to roam the neighborhoods without supervision, because everyone kept an eye on each other. Many of us had relatives who lived nearby or even shared the same house-they could be depended on to help out. In fact, even local business operators kept an eye on your children. Our children knew they were being watched and that, in and of itself, was an effective deterrent to delinquent behavior.

But those days are gone now. Not only do we not know our neighbors, it is common policy to "not get involved" with each other. As a result, almost all of the responsibility for raising children has shifted to the parent. And in the past few years, as parental roles have changed and community involvement decreased, this role has become increasingly difficult. And most parents don't know where to find the resources that can help them become successful parents.

Many of the problems with today's youth are intensified in schools where educators do not understand how to teach their undisciplined and non-traditional learners. It is no surprise that these youth become school drop-outs, juvenile delinquents and criminal offenders. Then, if teachers do try to discipline or confront their students in an effort to help, they are sometimes threatened with legal sanctions.

Bullet The Solution

In 1994, Russell R. Kesterson and Nathan K. Bryce organized the Insight Learning Foundation as an educational non-profit organization. Its purpose was to make important educational discoveries available and affordable to families, educators, government workers, and community members.

Insight has assembled a talented core of independent trainers and product developers who have nearly 70 years of combined experience in providing behavior-changing programs. These people have worked on every continent with some of the most difficult learners that society has produced. They have found ways to give these learners the intrinsic motivation to change and improve their lives and develop the skills they need to succeed in life. In fact, millions of criminal justice offenders and at-risk youth have successfully completed behavior-change programs developed by personnel that now work for Insight.

During the past 18 months, Insight personnel have developed a product line to meet the needs of families, schools, government agencies and community organizations. They have written resource books, training materials and curricula that teach specific life skills. They have produced videocassette tapes, including a 10-episode video training series for educators that was recently aired across Georgia on a PBS television station. They will soon release a series of audiocassettes and booklets for families and individuals. And to protect all of these innovative products from unfair competition, they have filed an extensive series of patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

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