How Do You Build Understanding


Use the Right Tools

Understanding isn't so easy to understand. That's because there's a tendency to believe that people basically share the same values and are motivated by the same desires. The truth is none of us think, learn, or feel in exactly the same way. Consequently, we find ourselves in situations where others don't behave the way we expect. We wonder what their problem is and label them as "difficult." And that's putting it nicely.

We often resort to forced or feigned understanding — whatever it takes to either get our point across or avoid conflict. In other words, sometimes you're the hammer, sometimes the nail. Not really the most effective tools when it comes to building understanding.

So what are the right tools and where do you get them? That's where the Insight Learning Foundation can help.


Know Your Styles

To truly understand someone — their motivations, values, learning styles, work styles, and interpretation of information — requires a closer look at our individual personalities. That's what makes each of us so unique and perplexing.

Personality research has been going on for ages. But in 1994, the Insight Learning Foundation created an unprecedented assessment tool called the Insight Personality Instrument. This patented tool has successfully moved personality theory from the abstract to the applicable. It's easy to use and tremendously accurate.

By recognizing the personality styles of people we deal with everyday,we begin to understand how they will behave and react in particular situations. We can then adjust our interaction to play to their strenghts. And the success of almost every people-centered endeavor builds on the strengths and uniqueness of each personality style.


Build on a Solid Foundation

The Insight Learning Foundation is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization, qualified in 1989 as a 501(c)(3) public charity. Our mission is to provide innovative and effective tools, techniques, and training materials that help people acquire skills they need to succeed in life.

We've worked with hundreds of thousands of people in all 50 states and in several foreign countries. Our clients include traditional and alternative schools, colleges and universities, businesses, welfare agencies, courts, prisons, probation and parole agencies, religious organizations, service groups, and families.

The Insight Personality Instrument is only one of our many tools and services. Here's a partial listing of what we offer:

  • Training and consulting
  • Personality coursework
  • Community agency materials
  • Curriculum resources
  • Educational seminars
  • Fund raising projects
  • Multimedia resources

Build Your Dreams

How do you build understanding? With the right tools, knowledge of styles, and a solid foundation. That's also a fitting description of the Insight Learning Foundation. Our strength lies in the simplicity of our tools and the complexity of our experience. So let us help build your understanding. And your dreams.

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