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I'm a marriage counselor who has been using your personality products with my clients for almost five years. We love them! I especially enjoy their applicability and their simplicity; they are far more consumer-friendly than most I have seen. Plus, it seems like you're always coming out with new and innovative products, which is desperately needed in this market where most popular psychometric tools haven't changed in decades!

Now I'd like to move from simply consuming your products to doing something more with them. Essentially, I'd like to start conducting some seminars in my community using your product coupled with some educational components I've already developed. How do I proceed forward?

— Martha, Long Beach, CA

Thanks for the kind words Martha. Our product development team works extremely hard to develop easy-to-implement products that solve the real-life problems of our customers. In fact, it is part of what makes the Insight Learning Foundation different from most companies -- we constantly research and develop new solutions to new problems. We like to think that if an existing product doesn't quite meet your needs, simply tell us about it and we'll try to create a new one that hits the target.

Now, as far as working with Insight on a more formal basis, there are a number of avenues you can take. Take a look at the following definitions and see if one fits you better than the others. Of course, you're not limited to one choice since you can perform several of these roles simultaneously.

  A consumer is someone who uses Insight products but does not have a formal contractual relationship with our organization. Consumers can purchase selected products and services (visit the on-line store) but do not receive any discount on their purchases.
  A participant is someone who enrolls in an Insight educational course, such as Discovering Your Personality Spectrum. Normally participants pay tuition and purchase required course materials. They are taught by a certified Insight facilitator.

There are two types of Insight facilitators:

Independent Facilitators. This type of facilitator is not restricted in his or her ability to administer the course they are certified to teach; i.e. no territory limitations. They are often in the "training business" and make their living (or supplement their income) by teaching classes. Discounts are available based on sales volume.
Site-Based Facilitators. This type of facilitator may only teach within the territory or organization defined by a site license. They are normally employees or agents of that organization. For example, if a school or district holds a site license, they may identify some teachers to serve as site-based facilitators to administer the course to other faculty members. They do not qualify for product discounts since a quantity discount rate is negotiated as part of the site license.

There are also two degrees of facilitators: certified and uncertified. The only difference between the two is that uncertified facilitators have not attended a Facilitator Certification Workshop and earned the certificate which sets them apart from other instructors. Facilitator Certification Workshops are conducted by corporate and independent trainers. At the workshop you will receive detailed instructions on how to teach a specific course and use the participant materials. The trainer directory in the Directories section provides a list of independent trainers who are authorized to certify facilitators. Certification fees vary by the trainer and typically range from $750 to $1500.

Whether you are a certified or uncertified facilitator, you will need to purchase the $350.00 DYPS Facilitator Kit. This kit may or may not be included in a Facilitator Certification Workshop, so check with your trainer to find out. You may also want to consider purchasing an Associate-level subscription to this website in order to use Insight online resources (such as the Skills Library learning activities) or create customized participant workbooks. The fee for this membership is $150 per year and may be purchased from our online store).


A trainer is someone who trains facilitators how to administer our courses or use our products. Trainers are not empowered to certify other trainers; they can simply teach one level down to facilitators, or two levels down to participants. Trainer's pay an annual renewal fee and have a continuing education requirement. They are required to report on every participant they certify and pass along their evaluation forms to the course author. A trainer has no territory limitations. They are often in the "training business" and make their living (or supplement their income) by training facilitators or teaching classes. Discounts are available based on sales volume.

  If you fancy yourself as one of those R&D types who loves to create new and wonderful products or training programs, you may want to consider becoming an independent Insight author. Simply submit your idea or concept to us, and if we like it, we'll act as your publisher. You work with our production designers to create the original widget; we make copies of it, and sell it here on our website, through our network of Associates, and through our partnerships with third-party organizations. In return, you earn a royalty when your widget is sold. If we do a significant part of the authorship work we'll split the ownership/copyright with you, otherwise you reserve the ownership/copyright entirely and can determine who manufactures and distributes your product.
  From time-to-time we have paid and volunteer positions that need some qualified folks to fill them. As these become available they will be posted on this website and you are free to apply. You will find that all Insight employees have a passion for their work and a high sense of personal integrity, responsibility, competence, and determination. Our employees are scattered throughout the United States and typically work from their own offices or homes, communicating via phones and computers, which requires a healthy dose of personal initiative and self-governance. If this sounds like you, you'll probably enjoy being a part of our corporate family.

We hope these definitions have helped to explain how you can partner with Insight. Feel free to give us a call at 800-320-4788 and we'll be happy to discuss your specific situation.

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