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If you would like to explore the features of this website, then you've come to the right place. Click the buttons below to take a virtual tour of our online resources. Or click here to view a PDF of our 30-page Membership Benefits booklet.

Free Gaining Insight: An Introduction to the Insight Personality System

Gaining Insight: An Introduction to the Insight Personality System

Click here to sign-up to watch a 30-minute video which will introduce you to the Blue, Gold, Green, and Orange temperaments. It will also help you identify your primary color, or the personality type that is most like you. Then it will introduce you to solutions that will help you incorporate this information into your life and solve many of your everyday people problems.

Free How $17 Can Solve All Your Problems

Why You Need a Membership to InsightLearning.com

This four-minute video introduces you to the main features of this website and explains how it can help you solve many real-life problems.

Free How $17 Can Solve All Your Problems

An Introduction to InsightLearning.com: How $17 Can Solve All Your Problems

This 16-minute video will explain how a $17 subscription to InsightLearning.com can solve all your people problems--or at least some of them. It will explain how the website can be used to (1) identify the personality spectrum of yourself and others, (2) learn as much as you can about Blue, Gold, Green, and Orange people, and (3) change the way you behave so that you treat other people the way they want to be treated.

Free Testing Center

The Testing Center

Check out the heart of the InsightLearning.com website where people can use Insight temperament assessments to discover their unique personality spectrum.

Free Standing Naked in the Shower

Standing Naked in the Shower

After you've discovered your own personality type, next you need to learn how to use this information. Standing Naked in the Shower is the definitive book on human temperament which will explore each personality in the ten categories of the patented Insight Personality System.

Free In-Depth Reports

In-Depth Reports

Our experts are constantly trying to apply what we've discovered about personality styles to a growing list of real-life concerns — daily problems that affect each of us to one degree or another. Here are 15 in-depth reports we've assembed to solve some of these problems. Each one takes between 15-30 minutes to read.

Free Discovering Your Personality Spectrum

Discovering Your Personality Spectrum

This 8-hour course uses the Insight Personality System to introduce you to the essential concepts of temperament theory and personality styles. You will learn the basic values and strengths of each color and how this information can help you in your day-to-day relationships. This course is a prerequisite to all other Insight educational courses and materials.

Free Teaching in the Nexus

Teaching in the Nexus

In this 8-hour course, you will discover that students have different learning styles and that teachers have different teaching styles, and that by understanding these differences and incorporating them into the classroom, teachers can be more effective educators and students can become more successful students. This course is ideal for teachers, parents, leaders, and students.

Free Skills Library

Skills Library

Here you'll find the Internet version of the Insight Skills Library CD. All 1,828 activities are on-line, complete with facilitator instructions and student worksheets. You may use these activities royalty-free as long as you are a current Insight associate.

Free Understanding Personality Styles

Understanding Personality Styles

This 10-episode video training program was designed primarily to help educators become more effective in their classrooms, however it is also ideal for those who teach people on a regular basis like parents, coaches and leaders. Five hours of video simplify years of research on teaching and learning styles and show how this information can be used with students of all ages.

Free How to Deal with Difficult Learners

How to Deal with Difficult Learners

A three-hour video series that is used to teach professional educators how to work more effectively with different personality styles, especially at-risk students.

Free Audio Podcasts

Audio Podcasts

A growing collection of audio programs distributed through the Insights newsletter.

Free Curriculum


As a teacher or trainer, if you have a specific objective in mind and don't want to bother with building your own curricula from the Skills Library, you'll find in this section three complete 40+ hour educational programs. Designed to improve behavior and teach essential skills, these research-based programs are perfect for youth or adults in schools, prisons, churches, welfare systems, businesses, etc.

Free Academic Lesson Plans

Academic Lesson Plans

Need some ideas on how to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic in non-traditional ways? Here you'll find some lessons on a variety of subjects for a variety of grade levels. Each lesson follows our HIPA™ lesson plan model and it aimed at teaching to the nexus. We add lesson plans to this collection several times each month.

Free Customized Books

Customized Books

Rather than using our off-the-shelf participant materials for live workshops and seminars, if you have an Associate membership you can build customized participant materials. Choose from hundreds of pages compiled from information from the Discovering Your Personality Spectrum Workbook, the Insight Personality Instrument Test Booklet, Standing Naked in the Shower, and other Insight products.

Free Additional Online Resources

Additional Online Resources

So far you have seen just the tip of the online resource iceberg. This section lists a number of additional resources.

Free Discounts & Commissions

Discounts & Commissions

Subscribers to InsightLearning.com are entitled to receive discounts and referral commisions from the purchase of Insight products and services.

Free Examples of How People Use Insight Resources

Examples of How People Use Insight Resources

The resources at InsightLearning.com can be used to solve an almost infinte number of real-life problems. Here are some examples of how some of our users have used our print and online resources.

Free Gaining Insight

Gaining Insight

Learn how the Insight Learning Foundation can help solve problems in ten specific areas of your life. All the questions posed in this six minute slideshow are answered in our courses which are based on our book, Standing Naked in the Shower: Life-Enriching Insights That Expose Human Nature.

Free Building Understanding

How to Build Understanding

Here's a quick overview of how the Insight Learning Foundation seeks to help you build understanding. (116K Flash 5) (HTML Alternative).

Free Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Insight Learning Foundation seeks to be a valuable resource for innovative tools, techniques, and training programs that help youth and adults—regardless of background or learning style—learn the skills they need to succeed in life. Click this link to find out more about why we do what we do.

Fre Podcasts

Making Money with Insight

This video will explore how the Insight Learning Foundation will supply everything you need to build a business that not only generates income, but improves the lives of those around you.

Free Working with Insight

Working with Insight

Are you ready to "kick it up a notch" and turn from being a consumer to a facilitator, trainer, or distributor of our products and services? Click here to find out how to become an Insight Associate.


Client Listing

Over the years, our associates have developed programs and conducted workshops for quite a few clients. Here is a list of some of these organizations.

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For the past two decades, thousands of people have attended workshops and seminars presented by Insight personnel. Find out what they are saying about their experiences.

Free Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Free Terms of Use

Terms of Use and Service

Free Disclaimer & Legal Rights

Disclaimer and Legal Rights

Free Earnings Disclaimer

Earnings Disclaimer


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