The Nexus Quest: Frequently Asked Questions


Bullet How do I refer someone to the website and earn a 20% affiliate fee?

If you're an Associate subscriber, all you have to do is visit the Bookstore section and click on the button that says, Referral Link Code. It will give you a special link that you can distribute to prospective Insight customers. After they click on your link, a cookie will be written on their computer identifying you as their referral source. Within the next 30 days, if they place an order online or over the phone, our accounting system will record you as their referral source. You will then earn a 20% affiliate commission on anything they buy in the future as long as you remain an Associate.

Bullet How am I notified that an affiliate sale has been made?

Our bookstore uses an independent contractor, Americart, to handle our online transactions. Whenever an online purchase is made by someone you referred, Americart will send you an email announcing that an affiliate sale has occurred. If a transaction occurs over the phone, you will not be notified until you see the transaction on your account statement.

Bullet When do I get paid my affiliate fees?

At the end of every month, we'll run a report on any sales made on your account. Your commission will be calculated and a credit will be placed on your account. You will then receive a statement showing your balance. The credit will be applied to your own subscription or product purchases, or, when the amount exceeds $100, you can ask us to issue you a check or transfer the balance to your PayPal or bank account.

Bullet Can I make my own Nexus Quest presentations?

Absolutely! In fact, you are encouraged to tell the parable to as many people as you can. If you don't want to read the story yourself, you can always send them back to this website where they can see it on their own timetable.

Bullet What do I need to make a Nexus Quest presentations?

If you have a good memory you can retell the parable in your own words. Otherwise, pull out your copy of The Nexus Quest: A Passport to the Good Life, which is one of the books in The Nexus Quest Starter Kit. The book contains the parable and the discussion questions.

Bullet Are the questions in the parable really necessary?

The questions are designed to get people to think for themselves and engage in the learning process. When asked to a group of people, you will hear a variety of answers that reflect a variety of viewpoints. This is desirable because it shows a real world parallel to the citizens on the four islands who also had different viewpoints.

Bullet Where should I make Nexus Quest presentations?

Just about anywhere. All you need is an audience for about an hour. For example, invite your friends and neighbors over to your house for a party. Contact your local Lions Club, Elks Lodge, or other social club and ask if they would let you speak at one of their gatherings. Ask the chamber of commerce if you could speak at one of their meetings. Contact your local churches and ask if they would like a virtue-based seminar or fireside for their members. Contact a business and ask for a meeting with their management team. Discuss the parable during a family gathering or reunion. And so on.

Bullet Will there be more seven-day courses like the Gratitude course?

Yes, we are planning on writing a seven-day email course for all 52 virtues. Once a course is completed it will be made available to our subscribers, just like the Gratitude course. However, we could use some help writing these courses. If you feel you have something to say about a virtue, and would like to write a seven-lesson course on it, feel free to visit with Nathan Bryce via nathan@insightlearning.com and volunteer your services. He'll work with you to develop a course that follows our 13-minute-a-day format with text, audio, video, and homework elements.

Bullet After my one-month subscription to InsightLearning.com has expired, why should I renew?

In the Nexus Quest Starter Kit you'll find a booklet called InsightLearning.com Membership Benefits. You'll also find similar information in the Visitor's Center section on this website. These resources will tell you about the many courses, tests, videos, audios, and activities which are available to our paid subscribers. If you like the colors concept, and you see the need to gain more virtue, then you'll need someplace to go where you can learn what you need to know to be more successful in life. Plus, our Associate members earn discounts and referral commissions as long as they maintain their membership. If you've referred a number of people to our site, and want to continue earning 20% of anything they buy from Insight, then you'll want to keep paying those monthly (or annual) fees. Of course, if you aren't deriving any educational or financial benefit from the website, please DO NOT renew your membership. In fact, you might as well go out and spend that $3 per week on a bag of chips and a sugary soft drink—that way you can give up being healthy, as well as wealthy and wise. ;)

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