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Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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This website will help you interact successfully with all types of people by (1) identifying your unique personality style and the styles of those around you, (2) teaching you everything you need to know about all personality types, and (3) showing you how to adjust your behaviors until you consistently treat other people the way they want to be treated.

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New Solving People Problems New Item Solving People Problems
This is our best-selling package of products and services that gives you all the tools, tests, books, and resources—both in print and online—that you need to discover your personality style and the styles of those around you, then teach you how to adjust your behaviors to treat other people the way they want to be treated. If you can only buy one thing, buy this package!

Living in the Nexus

Living in the Nexus
Living in the Nexus: Forming Meaningful Connections With All Types of People, is the latest course in the Classroom section. Using our new 13-minute per-day format, participants will discover their personality style, learn how to recognize the colors of those around them, and learn the most important characteristics of all four personality types. Every day participants will receive an email containing a link to a lesson, video, and homework assignment, which takes approximately 13 minutes to complete. Course content comes from our textbook, Standing Naked in the Shower: Life-Enriching Insights That Expose Human Nature.

The Nexus Quest

The Nexus Quest
The Nexus Quest video program will introduce you to the four basic personality styles and invite you to embark on a journey to find more success in life.
New Making Money with Insight Making Money with Insight
Learn how will supply everything you need to build a business that not only generates income, but improves the lives of those around you.
Public Visitors Center Visitors Center
Visit this section to explore the features of and take a video tour of its most popular resources. Learn why you need a membership and how it can solve many of your problems.
Public Newsroom Newsroom
Here you'll find the latest editions of Insights, our periodic newsletter committed to providing current theory and practical information that can be used in many real-world settings. Insights is a FREE newsletter housed on our sister website,
Public Help Desk Help Desk
If you need help solving a particular problem, you've come to the right place. If you have a question about the Insight Learning Foundation and its products and services, and we're not able to answer it ourselves, we'll try to find an answer for you by consulting our worldwide network of trainers, facilitators, and personality experts.
Public Testing Center Testing Center
This section will allow you to identify either your primary color or your entire personality spectrum. Some tests are free while others require a paid membership to this site. All of the assessments are based on the Insight Temperament System, the world's first patented personality testing instrument.
Public Library Library
The Library section contains a combination of educational resources including more information on temperament, forms, lesson plans, business guidelines, and learning activities.
Public Media Room Media Room
The media room features streaming videos and audio podcasts that explain more about the four personality styles and how to incorporate that information in your life. This is the home of The Nexus Quest, How to Deal with Difficult Learners, and Understanding Personality Styles: A Key to Effective Teaching.
Public Classroom Classroom
Insight facilitators regularly deliver on-site training to thousands of people all around the world. However, recognizing that many organizations and individuals cannot afford the time or the money to bring in an expert for 1-3 days, we decided to place a version of these training programs on our website. While perhaps not as engaging or as dynamic as our live presentations, we believe this on-line solution is a very effective alternative for many people, plus it is available where and when you need it.
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Here you will find resources that will help you purchase Insight products and services from our secure web store. Included are product listings, price lists, order forms, projected shipping times, shipment tracking information, and our payment and returns policies.
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This section contains information about Insight employees, trainers, facilitators, and partners.
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