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If you need help solving a particular problem, you've come to the right place. If you have a question about the Insight Learning Foundation and its products and services, and we're not able to answer it ourselves, we'll try to find an answer for you by consulting our worldwide network of trainers, facilitators, and personality experts.
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Here are the responses to some popular questions. Discover why you need to understand personality styles, and why you should use Insight's products, why we used colors, why we don't focus on negative characteristics, how this tool reduces prejudice, etc.

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Over the years, hundreds of people have asked questions on how to apply the Insight Personality System to their specific situations. These are answered in this section.

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Please use this form to submit your question to the Q&A Forum. It will be forwarded to an Insight specialist who will answer it as soon as possible--often within 72 hours.


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