Trainer Directory

This is a directory of our certified trainers. These individuals have attended our four-day Trainer Certification Workshop. Trainers are able to train facilitators in how to teach the 2-6 hour Discovering Your Personality Spectrum course. They are not restricted by territory. They are all independent contractors and are not employees of Insight.

This information is provided as a resource to people who are looking to hire a certified trainer. This list may not be used for other purposes, such as bulk solicitation, harrassment, or other nefarious actions. Any violation will result in immediate cancellation of a user's account, forfeiture of any fees paid, and other remedies available under law.

Independent Trainers (in alphabetical order)

Name/Home Page
E-mail Address
Wood, Becky Oklahoma, Oklahoma City Bbwood5748@gmail.com
Brown, Linda Texas, El Paso lcbrown@elp.rr.com
Gismegian, Mary Missouri, St. Louis mgismegian@aol.com
Hamilton, Stephen Nebraska, Omaha hamiltos1956@yahoo.com
Sanders, Robin Oklahoma, Tulsa rlsanders73@cox.net
Stephens, Alan Texas, El Paso alan4@elp.rr.com
Streck, Patrick Missouri, Warrensburg pstreck@ucmo.edu

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