Insight Partnerships

We have established partnerships with the following organizations and companies who share in our mission to "empower people with the skills they need to succeed in life." We invite you to visit their websites and see what they have to offer.

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RAI Communications Inc. is a corporate training organization that operates under the premise that any training, learning or work situation can be improved and made more effective by considering the different personality 'styles' of the people involved. Their mission is to inspire people to enhance their personal and professional relationships by embracing each other’s unique differences, and to integrate historical and dynamic research for effective productivity and results.

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Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope International's programs and services are designed, implemented and based on proven scientific research. Each is written and delivered by a team of knowledgeable, highly skilled consultants with years of experience in a variety of fields with an emphasis on cognitive skills and positive applications in educational and organizational development.


Seed Business Network

The Seed Business Network is a non-profit organization that provides integrated business, employment resources, and consulting services for people with disabilities who are starting up or running a small business. Their goal is to help empower people to choose more effective business/work skills plus healthier personal and lifestyle habits.


Performance E Learning, Inc. is a company dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art online educational solutions. They focus on providing academic courses for grades K-12 students and for adult learners in any stage of their life or profession. The robust and interactive academic courses can be delivered in either an asynchronous or synchronous mode to accommodate diverse learning styles and abilities. The courses specific to elementary, middle, and high school students are correlated to state standards and state proficiency/graduation tests.


Cox Education Network

The Cox Education Network provides an expansive collection of educational tools and resources to public school teachers and their students via the Internet. Recently launched throughout the State of Arizona, this comprehensive, one-of-a-kind service is scheduled to be deployed soon in several other states. CoxEdNet will provide standards-based content, courseware, reference materials, and communications software to any Internet-enabled device, making these tools more accessible to students, staff, parents, and teachers whether working from school or home.



LearningStation is the leading Application Service Provider (ASP) in the education market. In business since 1997, this corporation provides access to a wide variety of computer-based educational applications on a subscription basis. By providing anytime, anywhere access to more than 250 software titles — including Insight Learning products and services — teachers and students will extend learning beyond the classroom and focus on using technology to improve achievement.


KPMG Consulting

KPMG Consulting, Inc. is one of the world's largest consulting and business systems integration companies with approximately US$2.9 billion in annual revenues. Around the world, nearly 10,000 KPMG employees provide business and technology strategy, systems design and architecture, applications implementation, network and systems integration, and related services. KPMG will provide project oversight and tracking during the course of the Cox Education Network rollout.



Ensynch provides a broad array of Information Technology services for companies competing in "the emerging high-speed business world". Through their Solutions Outsourcing Center, Ensynch provides a one-stop resource center, enabling clients to focus on their core competencies and use technology as an enabler for lowering operating costs, allowing faster growth, and ensuring higher profitability. They provide storage on-demand, managed network services, remote administration and monitoring. Ensynch will provide hosting services during the course of the Cox Education Network project.


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