Facilitator Directory

This is a listing of our certified facilitators. These individuals have completed the Insight Facilitator Certification process. Facilitators are able to teach the 2-6 hour Discovering Your Personality Spectrum course to workshop participants. These individuals are not employees of the Insight Learning Foundation.

This information is provided as a resource to people who are looking to hire a certified facilitator. This list may not be used for other purposes, such as bulk solicitation, harrassment, or other nefarious actions. Any violation will result in immediate cancellation of a user's account, forfeiture of any fees paid, and other remedies available under law.

Allen, Jennifer United States, Arizona, Mesa jmallen211@aol.com
Bates, GayeLyn United States, Arizona, Mesa gtbates1@cox.net
Boxx, Patrick United States, Rhode Island, Middletown webmaster@lookingupwards.org
BrockBank, Ken United States, Utah, Salt Lake City ken@insightlearning.com
Brown, Linda United States, Texas, El Paso lcbrown@elp.rr.com
Contreras, Clara United States, Texas, Edinburg ccontreras@esc1.net
Delaney, Steve United States, Texas, Keller steve@lifesongresources.org
Ewoldt, Bonnie United States, Iowa, Milford bonnie.ewoldt@gmail.com
Goodier, Steve United States, Utah, Salt Lake City steve@lifesupportsystem.com
Hernandez, Alex United States, Texas, El Paso alex_7467@yahoo.com
Janson, Lorene A. United States, Illinois, Belleville consult_bj@yahoo.com
JorDan, William A. United States, Georgia, Valdosta Yontj40@aol.com
Larsen, David United States, Utah, Hill Air Force Base david.larsen@hill.af.mil
Machado, Randy United States, Rhode Island, Middletown rjmpsych@aol.com
Magaña, Frank United States, Utah, Layton dwfm1976@gmail.com
McHugh, Alexis United States, Rhode Island, Middletown amchugh918@aol.com
Merz, Tom United States, Georgia, Summerville tmerz@merzconsulting.com
Miranda, Carrie United States, Rhode Island, Middletown cmiranda@lookingupwards.org
Palmer, Debra Canada, Ontario, Ottawa
Petsel, Barb United States, Texas, Plano barb@barbpetsel.com
Sanders, Robin United States, Okhaloma, Tulsa
Schlackman, Stu United States, Texas, Dallas stu@competitive-excellence.com
Sessums, Angela United States, Texas, Santa Fe act_solutions@msn.com
Shuryan, Heidi M. United States, Ohio, Dayton/Columbus heidishuryan@yahoo.com
Streck, Patrick United States, Missouri, Warrensburg pstreck@ucmo.edu
Thomasson, Charlene United States, Texas, El Paso mizlion@sbcglobal.net
Turcotte, Carrie Canada, Ontario, Oakville cturcotte2010@gmail.com
Valdez, James United States, Texas, El Paso jvaldez11@utep.edu
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