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Employee Directory

This is a list of the employees of the Insight Learning Foundation and links to biographical information.


Trainer Directory

This is a directory of our certified trainers. These individuals have attended our four-day Trainer Certification Workshop. Trainers are able to train facilitators in how to teach the 2-6 hour Discovering Your Personality Spectrum course. They are not restricted by territory. They are all independent contractors.


Facilitator Directory

This is a listing of our certified facilitators. These individuals have attended a three-day Facilitator Certification Workshop. Facilitators are able to teach the 2-6 hour Discovering Your Personality Spectrum course to workshop participants. These individuals are not employees of the Insight Learning Foundation.


Partner Directory

We have established partnerships with a number of organizations and companies who share our mission to "empower people with the skills they need to succeed in life." We invite you to visit their websites and see what they have to offer.


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