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Bullet Testing Center. This section features a number of personality assessments that are all based on the patented Insight Personality System. These tests can be used to identify either your primary color or your entire color spectrum. You will also be given access to the Custom Testing Portal, which will allow you to test others and give them a customized report, for as little as $3.00 per test.
Bullet In-Depth Reports. We have written more than a dozen in-depth reports that will explain how personality affects different aspects of your life. There information here for parents, workers, teachers, leaders, supervisors — even lovers. We'll teach you how to dramatically improve your day-to-day relationships with almost everyone you know.
Bullet Classroom: Discovering Your Personality Spectrum. This is the Internet version of our best-selling educational course. Eight hours of streaming lessons and assignments will teach you the foundational information necessary to integrate Insight philosophies and tools into your life. This course will teach you the basic values and strengths of each personality type and how this information can help you on a daily basis.
Bullet Classroom: Teaching in the Nexus. After completing the Discovering Your Personality Spectrum course, you will want to work your way through the Teaching in the Nexus course. This is an eight-hour course that discusses teaching styles and teaching strategies for working with all four learning styles.
Bullet Media Room: Audio Podcasts. In the Media Room, you will find a number of 45-60 minute podcasts about how to apply the Insight Personality System. Each podcast features Nathan Bryce, the inventor of the system.
Bullet Insights Archives. In the Insights Archives section you will have access to all of the previous editions of Insights, our periodic newsletter.
Bullet Insight Skills Library. Your Associate membership gives you access to the on-line version of the Insight Skills Library. This is a vast collection of 1,828 original learning activities that you can use—royalty-free—to build a unique training program for your specific audience.
Bullet Curriculum. If you would rather not build your own training program, the Curriculum section features three 40+ hour programs that you can use out-of-the-box: Cognitive Skills, Anger Management, and Employability Skills. Each program includes reproducible facilitator guides, participant workbooks, and participant assessment books.
Bullet Customized Books. As an Insight Associate you are able to produce your own customized book. Put your own title, name, logo, and contact information on the front and back covers. Then choose from more than 350 pages on topics such as values, motivation, communication, work, supervision, recreation, stress, childhood, youth, education, and love.
Bullet Media Room. This section features two streaming-video educational workshops. How to Deal with Difficult Learners is a three-hour video series that is used to teach professional educators how to work more effectively with difficult-to-teach, at-risk learners. Understanding Personality Styles: A Key to Effective Teaching is a 10-episode video training program to help educators become more effective in their classrooms.
Bullet Academic Lesson Plans. Do you need some ideas on how to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic in non-traditional ways? In the Academic Lesson Plans section you will find some lessons on a variety of subjects for a variety of grade levels. Each lesson follows our HIPA™ lesson plan model and it aimed at teaching to the nexus.
Bullet Personalized Storefront. Associates may direct their clients to a personalized Insight store on our website and earn a sales commission whenever a sale is made from that store. Insight handles all billing, handling, and shipping.
Bullet 20% Discount. Associates receive a 20% discount on all Insight products and services (with the exception of facilitator kits and subscriptions). Additional discounts are available for quantity purchases—call us for details.
Bullet Help Desk. Over the years, hundreds of people have asked questions on how to apply the Insight Personality System to their specific situations. These are answered in this section. You can also submit your own questions which will be answered by our experts within 48 hours.
Bullet Desktop Wallpaper. If you like to collect wallpaper for your computer's background, members can download Blue, Gold, Green, and Orange images.
Bullet Required for Facilitators. An associate-level subscription is required if you want to teach any Insight educational course, such as our Discovering Your Personality Spectrum program. Participant workbooks will only be sold to current associate subscribers.



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